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As a JIIPA member you get access to a world of opportunities. We assist you in forming networks and partnerships with corporate majors and institutions across the globe. As consultative partners in policymaking we channelize your inputs in economic and industrial policy frameworks.

no1.jpgConstruction & Decoration

JIIPA has been involved in the trade show industry for over the years, doing planning, design, construction, management, looking after all the last-minute changes and extras onsite and acting as a "one-stop shop" for exhibitors. This is not just for domestic events, but throughout the world including India, China and SE Asia.

no2.jpgPre-event Promotion

Pre-event Promotional Campaigns depicting “India’s capacity and capabilities to service the Japanese market” with the help of Road Shows, Press conference, Telemarketing, news papers, websites, direct mailers, interactive meets.

no3.jpgDuring the Event

We can take care of Opening Ceremony, A Kick-Off Party for commencing the event along with a day full of events including Fashion Show, Food Show, Bollywood performances, interactive meets and seminars can be organized during the event.

no4.jpgFollow-up - Post Event

It is important to maintain continuous Interactive meets with all known importers, buyers, Departmental Stores, buying Agents, Trade show visitors, etc. to achieve the target of exports of T&C from India to Japan. Our team shall keep in contact with the important buyers regularly promoting various events in India.

no5.jpgBarter Agreement with AIR LINES

  • We can check up the possibilities for barter agreement with AIR INDIA or Japan Air Lines (JAL) through which discount tickets with Excess baggage for the exhibitors can be availed.
  • Fair publicity through show brochures / flyers at Air India/ JAL counters both at office and airport offices, Display of show advertisement in-flight video on Japan flights.
  • Free Tickets to the OFFICIAL from India (India-Tokyo-India) with excess baggage could be possible.
  • Provided we assure the Air Lines that all the delegates, participants would fly through the AIR lines. We will publicize the Air India / JAL on the posters and show brochures, and will also provide a booth at the fair site.

no6.jpgSponsors for the event

  • We can also check up the possibility to get the Sponsors for the event publicity, branding at the pavilion.

no7.jpgLiaisoning with Local Government

  • We are closely associated with local Chamber of Commerce, Local Government, METI, JETRO, Indian mission in Japan, which would enable us to mobilize the event to their members efficiently.

no8.jpgSpecial Services

  • Visa to enter in Japan shall be provided by our organization.
  • Free of charge International phone call facility shall be provided to all exhibitors.
  • Wi-Fi Internet facility will be provided.
  • Exclusive Interpreter can be arranged on request.
  • Indian buffet or packed lunch will be provided during the exhibitions.
  • Hotel arrangement will be coordinated.